LS2 Committees - General Information

Until further notice, the LS2 Committees will be held every last Friday of the month from 10h00 to 12h00 in room 874-1-011.
Next meeting: 27th October 2017
LS2 Committees on Indico:
Ls2 Kick-Off Days 2015:


Following dates are confirmed for 2017
- 9th LS2 Committee - Friday 24th February 2017
10th LS2 Committee - Friday 31st March 2017
11th LS2 Committee - Friday 5th May 2017
- 12th LS2 Committee - Friday 26th May 2017 (cancelled)
- 12th LS2 Committee - Friday 30th June 2017
- 13th LS2 Committee - Friday 28th July 2017
- 14th LS2 Committee - Friday 25th August 2017
- 15th LS2 Committee - Friday 29th September 2017
- 16th LS2 Committee - Friday 27th October 2017
- 17th LS2 Committee - Friday 24th November 2017
- December to be confirmed
Recurrent topics:
- ECR Status Report (if needed)
Special topics for upcoming meetings (draft, tbc):
- 27/10/2017: Revision of the Recommendations of the He-Spill Working Group (2014) (T. Otto)
           Magnets PS43
Modifications of Warm PS Magnets in B150 (D. Tommasini)
Training for Work and Service Supervisors - Update (tbc)
- 24/11/2017: Preparation of the Chamonix Workshop (alternative date: December)
- TBC 2017: Update on Helium spill document (Th. Otto)
Radiation Environment Conditions
Safety Coordination
Linac4 Organisation for the Coming Years
Logistics during LS2
Prevessin Computer Farm Update
aC-Coating in the LHC (P. Cruikshank)
Off-line Physics at ISOLDE  - Clarification concerning Manpower - R. Catherall
Start of aC Coating on Vacuum Flanges in Arc 4-5 for the LIU Project - TE-VSC